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There is still time to register for my QA101 course which starts again (3rd time!) this Saturday @ 10.

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I don’t have any hard numbers to support this, but one thing I have noticed in the past (and now as the result of what I am working on) is that attitude you bring into a testing session largely determines how effective your testing is going to be.

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Tonight I was fortunate enough to see Dr. Cem Kaner speak at a special section of TASSQ. It was a good lecture about how testing should be considered a Social Science (slides availabe and the first time I had heard Cem present something. I did not get to talk to him at the pub afterwards, but conversed with Michael Bolton again so all was not lost.

Of course I have some new insights on some things (though nothing too groundbreaking as Cem echos to some degress James and Micheal with whom I am more familiar)

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I’m hiring!

After a month of internal sales pitching, I have been given the green light to expand the Points International QA team. The role is for an ‘intermediate’ but realistically, everyone has the same role in the team. The level is more of a gauge for salary discussions (but don’t ask me to discuss them as I am only a lead, not a manager so don’t know that sort of stuff).

Ideally these are some of the traits I am looking for (I’ll do a different post on my full filtration method later):

  • Wants to do QA for a living
  • Is comf in both Unix and Windows (bonus if it is more than just Solaris)
  • Can read Java code
  • Can write Python, or Ruby, or Perl (in that order)
  • Understands that test automation is more than just hitting record, then playback in WinRunner
  • Is not an Agilista
  • Comes from a Financial or Security background
  • Can read / write a language other than English (bonus if it is an Asian one)

So if you are in Toronto and want to work on Queen West doing QA, leave a comment here or email me.