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I’m in San Francisco for a couple days, and so had to clear out some tabs before getting on the plane. Here’s what I thought was interesting.

  • Tellurium is another wrapper around Selenium. Looks like it has a couple things that we could borrow back.
  • Why Selenium and Rspec? describes how to use RSpec with Selenium and how to involve both people who can code, and those who cannot.
  • If you are writing Se tests, then you should also be running them under CI. Thoughts on Fowler’s Continuous Integration is a nice, quick tour through the [one of] the more important papers on the topic. Good review to some, necessary primer for others.
  • Looks like the ‘Se in the cloud’ space is about to get more crowded with regressr coming out of stealth mode soon. (Where is my invite?)
  • There is also Selenium Shots which looks like it is a custom Grid which will send you screen shots of what your page renders like in different browsers. I found out about them through their gem
  • Another gem that crossed my path was Cross-stub which attempts to solve Existing mocking/stubbing frameworks support only stubbing in the current process. This is OK most of the time. However, when running cucumber integration test suite in non-webrat mode, these in-process stubbing frameworks simply doesn’t help. Or something.
  • Want to run your Webrat, Polonium or JSUnit tests in the Sauce Labs OnDemand cloud? You could use the Saucelabs-adaptor gem that the folks at Pivotal have created.
  • Gojko discusses How to implement UI testing without shooting yourself in the foot
  • Alister Scott, a Watir core developer, talks a bit about the future of Watir, Selenium & WebDriver
  • Kevin wastes no time rebooting the Se-Grid project by releasing Se-Grid 1.0.6 which is primarily a bug fix release.
  • Testuff is ‘on-demand software test management’. I haven’t needed to use it, but they now have an integration with Se-IDE. Of course, what they should do is make it an Se-IDE plugin, but…
  • If you are using Se and Zope2, then Zelenium might be of interest. Or might not. Your call.
  • Aaron (after some prompting) ruminates on Smart or Dumb Page Objects.
  • I’ve never heard of the ZK Framework, but if you use it then you can run Se tests against it with zk-ztl
  • Speed of execution, and the need for increasing it are constant topics in the Se community. Here is one solution that uses Rake – Speeding up multi-browser Selenium Testing using concurrency
  • Kevin’s (as in the new maintainer of Se-Grid) day job is Mogotest which is where he posted a tutorial on How to Accept Self-Signed SSL Certificates in Selenium. Again, just say no to self-signed certificates in test, and this problem doesn’t happen.
  • Love RSpec and Se? You could try the selenium-rspec-dsl gem. Looks like its brand spankin’ new.
  • I love the Faker gem when automating in Ruby/Rails. There is now a C# (3.5 SP1) port of it.
  • For a client I need to look at controlling things of the browser, not in the browser. Here are some of the links I’ve collected on the subject. First, there is Selenium – Handle Dialogs which uses . And an alternate solution is Automating Windows with Autohotkey. For people on the Mac there isAutomator. But unfortunately if you are Linux then you are out of luck due to lack of standard windowing systems.
  • Synchronizing when an AJAX request is finished can sometimes be a pain. Here is a solution if you are using Ajax4JSF or RichFaces
  • The introduction to Pyrite pretty much says it all: We found Cucumber to be awesome, but no one was reading the features. We found Webrat to be fantastic, but way too complex for what we wanted. So, we made Pyrite – a few selenium-client methods wrapped up in a readable way.
  • Frames can be a bitch. Accessing IFRAME Data with Selenium RC tries to limit the pain
  • IronRuby has gone 1.0. If you are a .NET shop, stop creating your scripts in C# and start using IronRuby. As in immediately — if not sooner. (Well, you could also use IronPython, but thats not newsworthy this round.)
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It has been a fair while since I did an update post about the goings-on in my world so somewhat looks back as well as forward.

  • Beautiful Testing – Last October my first book, Beautiful Testing, was published.
  • Element 34 – I parted ways with Zerofootprint at the end of the year and have started my own Selenium consultancy / coaching / micro-isv, Element 34. I’m booked solid for the next couple months, but ping me anyways; I’m happy to chat about Se and Testing at length. In the future, Selenium postings will go to that site and this one will remain general testing.
  • Se-IDE – I’m now a core team member for the Selenium project, specifically focused on Se-IDE. The main goal for Se-IDE this year is to get plugin support sufficiently robust so new features and abilities are done through plugins rather than change the core.
  • Selenium Book – I started to write a book on Selenium for one of the major tech publishers, but we’ve mutually shelved the project after work scheduled conflicted with producing it. Hopefully we’ll renew it towards the end of the year.
  • TASSQ – Last week I spoke at the March TASSQ dinner meeting. Slides and notes will be posted over the next couple days
  • Targeting Quality – I’ll be speaking at this year’s Targeting Quality conference on April 21st about how to succeed with Selenium
  • Star East – The week after Targeting Quality I’ll be at Star East for a ridiculously busy conference schedule. On the Wednesday I’ll be doing another version of my Testing Hats Art Show immediately followed by a Beautiful Testing book signing. On Thursday I’ll be part of the Test Automation table at lunch to field questions on Selenium and ‘automating checks and facilitating testing’ then later in the afternoon you can book 1-on-1 time with me as part of a meet-the-speaker program. At some point I hope to attend a session or two — or maybe just hold court in a central area somewhere. Oh. And if you haven’t booked your spot at Star East yet, I have discount codes.
  • Agile 2010 – Acceptance notices went out last week and I’ll be speaking at this year’s Agile conference in Nashville in August about managing test cases in an Agile-ish manner.

In other words, learning a lot about being self-employed and being a consultant as well as speaking fairly regularly. In a perfect world I would speak somewhere once a month; May, June and July is still open.

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Not many links this time, but still some important stuff.