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The speaker submission window is now open for the next CodeMash. For those under a rock, CodeMash is a conference in the middle of January, in Ohio — at a waterpark. Yes. A waterpark. No worries though, we’re in the indoor part.

Anyways, one of the tracks for this year’s conference is Continuous Delivery — and I’m the track judge for it.

That of course means that for the rest of September I’ll be periodically pestering people to submit talks. I’m hoping for a track that covers the whole spectrum of topics that is Continuous Delivery. I had originally floated the idea of something like

  • So you want to be a Git ninja
  • Pulling the strings of server with Puppet
  • Yes, your SQL is code too (dbdeploy)
  • Everyone’s favourite butler, Jenkins
  • Functional Automation [with Selenium] for fun and profit
  • Deployment and Immunization

but I have I think double the slots. So get those talks in now! The session window closes September 30.