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  • Draw a picture. It will help.
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  • Ulysses S. Grant was only 40 at Shiloh.
  • I really dislike people saying ‘our’ or ‘my’ team when they are not a player or owner. Parents and fans don’t get to say ‘my’ team.
  • Hard things are hard until they are easy. Risky things are risky until they are de-risked. The two are annoyingly related.
  • I have no clue what is happening in the X-Men books.
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  • Hockey [ok, sports] parents are crazy
  • It’s not the day after that hurts, it’s the day after the day after. (Snowboarding crash.)
  • Keep track of your time while doing it, as trying to remember what you did (or learned…) after the fact rarely works out well.
  • Vagrant based development environments are brilliant. Yes, yes, Docker ones are the new hotness…
  • There is not the equivalent of -s -N for mysql once you are in the cli tool so either you get column names and grids for all queries, or you don’t.
  • Test your reporting
  • Then test it again.
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  • I still hate installing doors
  • There is always more implicit knowledge than documentation. (Which resulted in me changing my laptop issuance policy of to ‘Issue once configured’ vs the current ‘Here is your laptop and instructions’. The next evolution will be central management of policy, etc.
  • Black Mirror is overrated.
  • Another reason to disable form autofill – Ad targeters are pulling data from your browser’s password manager. (See also the central management of policy bullet.)
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  • A reminder; it’s always a people problem
  • A reminder; trust, but verify
  • Things I can never remember;
    • show index from <table>
    • show full processlist
  • The default polling interval for Laravel workers is 3 seconds. If you have certain queues that are more time sensitive, you need to adjust accordingly. But you can only go as low as 1 second. This is another known issue with Laravel that is important when you build larger apps beyond toys. File under ‘things I shouldn’t have to do’
  • Sometimes, its not [just] a query that is misbehaving that is causing a problem, but is a query running in a loop. And you are one of only 5 or 6 people who can trigger it due to environmental stuff.
  • Environment matters. Our current nasty performance problem will only be triggered in production.
  • I have completely lost all comfort doing frontside turns on a snowboard
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  • created_at, which is a fields that is created when using timestamps in Laravel Models/Migrations, is not indexed by default. So any time you use the built-in latest() or oldest() functions on an Eloquent query, you are doing a full table scan. There was an issue raised, but of course got shut down by the maintainer. Seriously, it annoys the hell out of my how small scale the Laravel team thinks. Scaling wut? At least when DHH was creating Rails he had a huge application to build/maintain. What’s Laravel got? Oh, a bunch of ecosystem stuff…
  • Observability throughout a distributed system is a pain. I’ve been trying to diagnose a performance bottleneck and tracking a request through 3 difference systems is a challenge. I need to somehow inject an id into incoming messages and flow it through. And messages that are originated in the system on their way out.
  • I found the source of the bottleneck at least. It looked like it was in an Eloquent save() call. Buuuut, its in an Event Observer on the ‘created’ event. I so wanted to blame the framework…