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I’ve just finished integrating the AMM (Amazon Media Manager) Plugin for WordPress. The most obvious place where you will see it is the along the sidebar where I have two random books from my blog’s internal library appearing. Of course, the links have my Amazon Associate id embedded in them so I a (miniscule) cut if you buy through one of my links. The other place you will see this is in posts themselves when I link to a book through the course of conversation.

Here is the code that I used to do all this.

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Rather than pay twice for web hosting and the ability to customize the templates used in this blog, I’ve moved from a free, but limited LiveJournal blogging setup to a full-bore WordPress rig. All the content that was on the LJ site is here, but some of it is still pretty yucky due to the LJ->WP conversion. I’ll clean it up over time.

This whole web presence thing gets difficult to organize at times.

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